Print, Scan & Copy

Variety of printing, copying and scanning services for business & home. We can provide best options for all our printable digital designs. Happy to advice on qualities quantities and prices that suit your requirement and also present graphic best.

Business & Promotional

Print Management Service 
We can take care of printing your graphic. No matter if we design it or you have one ready. 
Not sure where to print your graphic. We know.
We work with various printing houses in UK and able to deliver best quality with your budget in mid.

Printing & Graphic Advice. 
Need to consult someone regarding what printing that will work best for your graphic? Do you need some advice how to get more from your printed stationery?

Document Printing

We can help out with all the demands of home schooling or keeping your business running. 

Same or Next Day Ready.
Printing documents between A6 – A4 size.
No need to count of colour or black & white – Flat Rate.
Choose between Print on Demand & Bulk Print Options.

Option 1: Print On Demand
When You just need few copies printed. There is flat rate per page of printing up to 100 pages) + set up charge*.

Option 2: Bulk Print
When you have one off printing large quantities. One of set up charge. And more you print cheaper it gets.

Option 3: Print On Demand – bulk purchase
Need few pages now and than? Buy Bulk amount of pages upfront and get at the time but more often? Bulk on Demand will works for you. Cheaper price than single printing. No set up charge. Minimum 10 page at each time.

Print on 80 GSM
Single-sided: £ 0.45 per side
Double-sided: £ 0.50 per side

Print on 100 GSM
Single-sided: £ 0.55 per side
Double-sided: £ 0.60 per side

Creative & Homeschool Projects &

Home Schooling Materials School aids.

Kids Entertainment Materials Creative Projects.

Labels & Other Material


* Address Labels
* Personalization
* Product / Packaging Labels

Iron On Prints

Iron On is easy to apply to personalise or decorate cloths. You can also create unique house hold items… like cushions.

Home Decor

Wall art graphic?

You have the design to print or wish to create word graphic.

Decorative graphic for frames.

Useful prints.

Get useful and practical prints around your house. Calendars, Wall Planners, To do lists etc.

Copying & Scanning


Get more copies of the document or notes. It is advisable to print from digital copy above hard copy where possible. Manual & Auto scanning options available. Choice of method depends from subject, determines quality but may be restricted by quality of the original document. Option “auto scan” starts with min 5 pages.

Auto (ADF) / 80gsm
Single sided: £ 0.65 per side
Double sided: £ 0.75 per side

Manual/ 80gsm
Single sided: £ 0.90 per side
Double sided original: £ 1.00 per side


Get the digital version of your documents notes or images.  Manual & ADF – suto scanning options are available. Choice of method depends from subject, determines quality but may be restricted by quality of the original document. Option “auto scan” starts with min 10 pages.

Single sided original: £ 0.20 per side
Double sided original: £ 0.25 per side

Single sided original: £ 0.45 per side
Double sided original: £ 0.50 per side

* Set up charge – flat rate charge added for each printing session (printing batch) to accommodate printing requirements set up. One batch of digital files send together counts as one session. File management: £2 for USB transfer / £3 electronic transfer / email